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Cool Kids the 3thb episode of season 2.


While being in a polar class in a refrigerated part of the school, Jake falls and finds some "cool kids." When he does find them, he forgets his old friends, not realizing that the cool kids are using him.


It is learned in this episode that there is an Arctic wing in Charles Darwin Middle School.

Nate, Nathan and Nathaniel Penguin are 3 of the 5 members of the Cool Kids, but they never spoke.

Mauricio the Polar Bear speaks like a beatnik.

The scene in Cool Kids with the reindeer not allowing Adam to play with them for being a misfit was very similar to the scene in Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer where Rudolph couldn't play the reindeer games.

The beginning to this episode seems disjointed with Adam at first thinking he has mistakenly wandered into the arctic wing of the school, but then suddenly he is aware of the school holding arctic classes and everyone is in winter coats.

Running Gags:Jake doesn't remember Adam's name.

Credits: Principal Pixiefrog is on a wolf-driven sleigh.


  • (Three reindeer are bothering Adam, whose nose is red from the cold.)

Reindeer Coach: What's going on here? Adam: They won't let me join in any reindeer games. Reindeer Coach: Well, sweet velvety antlers! Who can blame them? Come on everybody, let's leave the freakish red-nose misfit alone. (Reindeer students kick snow at Adam, laughing. Then, they all fly away.)

  • Windsor: We've all known Jake to be something of a mockster in the past, but now it appears his new social status has tranformed him into a meanster, close cousin to the mockster.

Adam: Well, I think he's a jerkster.

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