Conchetta Toucan
Lupe's Sister


Conchetta Toucan



Conchetta Toucan is the older sister of Lupe Toucan. She attends Marlin Perkins Wild High School and appeared in "Ingrid Through the Out Door".


In "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Lupe mentioned how her sister said that Marlin Perkins Wild High School was a terrible place. When Ingrid was sent there, she met up with her. Conchetta assisted the older brothers and sisters of Ingrid's other friends, in taking down Euripides. Conchetta opened a locker and awaited Euripides to go flying into it, so that she could close her in. After locking Euripides up for good, Conchetta shouted "Goooooaaaaaal!" Ingrid was very happy to meet her afterwards.


Conchetta looks exactly like Lupe, only she has pigtails. Her pigtails are presumably a few of her feathers, which stick off of her head and bend over. They are held in place with blue pigtail holders.


  • When Conchetta shouted "Goooooaaaaal!" after Euripides was kicked into the locker, this was a reference to the Spanish soccer announcer, Andres Cantor and his famous phrase, which he yells every time someone makes a goal. This connects with the fact that Conchetta is of Spanish descent.