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Chew on This is the 4a episode of the first season.


Adam complains about the cafeteria food so the staff of Charles Darwin Middle School switches the food to human food. But the animals become so addicted to it that they have grown fat.


  • Wouldn't the animals care about eating their own kind since they were eating what looks like meat? Response: It never concretely said that the food being served was actual meat or anything, it could've possibly been tofu.
  • As previously hinted in the series, it's concretely found out in this episode that Principal Pixiefrog gets very upset if someone threatens to sue Charles Darwin Middle School.
  • The animal food in the Lunchroom is Grass Sandwiches, Bug Soup and Mud Squares. the overlooked foods were Twigs N' Berries and Wormy Joes.
  • Assistant Coach Ferret's first name is Horace.
  • Only Adam didn't gain any weight, while the all of the other students and teachers did.


Fattened Characters Edit

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