Cheer Pressure
Season 2, Episode 3
Cheer Pressure
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Cheer Pressure is the third episode of season two.


Jake is jealous of Dickie Sugarjumper being the male cheerleader in the Jungle Squad.


The Charles Darwin Middle School cheerleading squad, the Jungle Squad, is practicing for the upcoming state cheerleading competition. Jake Spidermonkey and his best friend, Adam Lyon, are watching them practice, but while Jake's insulting the squad, Adam feels embarrassed about being there and wants to leave. He's also curious about why Jake makes them watch the Jungle Squad practice if he hates them so much.

Even though Jake won't admit it, he's obviously upset that the Jungle Squad replaced him with Dickie Sugarjumper. One of the routines that the squad practices is the Tower, which Jake claims is the hardest cheerleading stunt to do. Dickie ends up falling from the top and hurts himself really bad. Since Dickie obviously can't compete in the competition anymore, Donna Dolphin (presumably the captain) points out to her teammates that they can't go on to the competition without him.

Adam's curious why the Jungle Squad needs him on the team so badly, and Donna explains that while Dickie may not be the most skilled at cheerleading, the rules for the state championship explicitly state that all competing teams have to have at least one male member (which Lupe claims is an "equal rights thing"). Adam suggests that the girls put Jake back on the squad, but they refuse to--this makes Adam think that Jake's bad at cheerleading, but Donna revealed that Jake's actually one of the best middle school cheerleaders in the state. She and the rest of the cheerleaders said that they had replaced him with Dickie because he's so ugly. Adam suggests putting a bag over Jake's head, but the girls explain that they tried that in the past, but it was against the rules. When the girls start thinking of who should be Dickie's replacement, Joanie Ox points out that the boy should be small so the girls don't strain themselves trying to lift him in the stunts. Adam also points out that the replacement would also have to look good in the male cheerleading uniform (Adam even holds the uniform against himself and makes a cute face). The girls looked at him with charm and interest, and Adam realized that they want "him" as Dickie's replacement. Adam fled in fear of the girls' love life, but the girls ran after the cute human kid.

The episode then shifts to the state cheerleading competition. Adam's obviously not happy that the girls are forcing him to be on the Jungle Squad. Adam eventually runs into the cheerleading squad of his old school, Chester Arthur Middle School. Kerry, who's on the squad, thinks it's cool that Adam's doing cheerleading. But then her squad captain sees her and threatens to kick her off the squad if she sees Kerry talking to a member of one of the rival squads. Adam wonders who she is, and Kerry explains that their new captain is Jackie, who just transferred to Chester Arthur Middle School from another school. After hearing that, Adam gets curious about who Jackie is.

Adam points out to the girls that Jackie looks really familiar, but the girls---rather surprisingly---don't notice it. Adam points out that Jackie looks exactly like Jake, and points out that it's obviously him when the CAMS-squad does the Tower, which is the CDMS-squad's routine for the competition. Adam goes to the CAMS-squad, but the squad gets mad at him for insulting "Jackie," and Jackie challenges him to a dance-off. Adam's obviously embarrassed about it, but he proves to be a really good dancer. After he beats Jackie and his teammates congratulate him on winning, he tries to pull off Jackie's wig, but then the real Jake comes over, revealing that he didn't dress up like a girl and join the rival squad to get revenge on the Jungle Squad for kicking him off the team and replacing him with another male cheerleader.

Jake admits that while he is upset with Jungle Squad for replacing him, he claims that he'd never go to such lengths just to become a cheerleader again. However, he compliments Adam on his cheerleading skills. Jackie's obviously furious with Adam, and throws him out of the stadium (literally). The girls are impressed by his form, and Lupe points out that the Jungle Squad was lucky to have him. Jake's confused by Lupe using the past tense, and Lupe points out to him that Adam has just left the planet's atmosphere. Since Adam's no longer on the squad, Jake points out that they have an open spot for a male cheerleader. The girls run away, realizing that Jake wants to be on the team again, but he tells them that he's been using these skin care products that have really been improving his skin.


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