Cartoon Network Invaded
Cartoon Network Invaded was a Cartoon Network crossover event, that happened on May 18th, 2007. In it, a new episode of five shows would premiere, these being Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ed, Edd, & Eddy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Camp Lazlo, and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, in order of broadcast. Each episode was alien-themed and would be loosely tied together with a few themes.

The My Gym Partner's a Monkey episode to air was "That Darn Platypus", serving as the third 'chapter' of Cartoon Network Invaded.


All 5 Chapters of Cartoon Network Invaded. This includes links to the Wikis for the other 4 chapters of the event.


It all starts with Bloo watching a brain-sucking alien movie, which makes believe that Cheese is an alien. He then takes over the controls of a space observatory and uses the bus radio to contact the so-called alien race he Cheese belongs to, telling them "I've got your Cheese right here. Come and get it aliens!" Bloo and Cheese are soon yanked away by Frankie, but the message had still gotten through, making the Three Eyed Crab Aliens descend to Earth, in search of their promised Cheese. When they arrive, they happen to land in the Cul-De-Sac, where they remove the entire piece of land from the ground. This makes headlines in the news, striking paranoia among the students of Charles Darwin Middle School, having a full-on belief in aliens at this point. At the time, they send in undercover agent, Rick Platypus to help prepare for the invasion, by signaling the mother board, providing a landing space, etc. Rick completes his plan with ease and once he does, the aliens search for cheese at Camp Kidney, in disguise as background characters. They have no luck here, and so they try searching Acorn Flats, where they hear news of an upcoming "Cheese Ball" event going on. After suffering with Nina, they find out that all the cheese has been eaten. This is the last straw, and so the aliens, enrages, decide to ivade the planet as revenge. They also decide to mine the moon for cheese, after learning how polite and tolerable the moon people are. They come up with a deal. If the moon people allow them to mine their planet, they will fill their moon, so that everyone on Earth will turn into a werewold. While this is enacted, the people on Earth get abducted, including Endsville residents, Grim, Billy, Mandy, and Sperg. In a giant battle between the aliens and the superhero team from Endsville, Grim, Billy, and Mandy win and save the world. The aliens retreat, having apparently failed at everything they tried, except for one more plan, which would be to suck the brain juice of five individuals for knowledge on cheese. Unfortunately, these five individuals would be Cheese, Ed, Slips Python, Skip the Dung, and Fred FredBurger. All of which are idiots, and their brain juice manages to make them all stupid, finally putting an end to Operation: Let's Get Some Cheese.


Cartoon Network Invaded included a few running themes, that would appear in the related episodes. Some themes would be in all 5, and others would only be seen in a few. These are the ones My Gym Partner's a Monkey followed.

  • Three Eyed Crab Aliens - The main villain of the event and all 5 shows, were the Three Eyed Crab Aliens, who would introduce themselves in different ways, in all 5 shows. In My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Rick Platypus turned out to be the false persona of a shape shifter, whose true form was the crab alien.
  • Invaded U.F.O. - The U.F.O. used as the logo for CN Invaded appeared at the end of the episode, as Rick was meniachally laughing and flying away.
  • Brain Sucking - The aliens were bent on sucking people's brains out, in attempt to absorb their knowledge. Rick would constantly talk about sucking brain juice, throughout the episode.
  • Cheese - The overall plan of the aliens was to steal cheese. Rick was seen eating cheese in Adam's locker.
  • Weekly World Snooze - A magazine that previously appeared in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, episode, being read by Bloo, appeared again, being held by Windsor. The cover even referenced the ending of the previous Ed, Edd, & Eddy episode.
  • Frankie's Boxes - In "Cheese A Go-Go", Frankie mailed 4 colored packages at the post office, with each one being sent to the other shows. The little red one was sent to My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It turned out this was a box of laundry detergent, with a list of planets of the solar system on the back.
  • Wedgie Immunity - One of the failed plans of the aliens was to torture the earthlings with wedgies. However, all the characters had apparently grown immune to wedgies, with this constantly happening to them, throughout their respective shows. A slideshow of these moments were seen. As for My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Adam Lyon getting a wedgie on a chain, hanging from the ceiling of the auditorium in "Amazon Kevin" was shown.
  • Stupid Character Brain Removal - During the ending credits, the aliens were wallowing in their failure to abduct the planet. However, they still had one hope. With the, they had 5 characters (one from each show), who they sucked the brain juice of, so they could absorb their knowledge. Unfortunately, these were 5 idiots from each show. The idiot from My Gym Partner's a Monkey was Slips Python.


  • Despite the events of this crossover only being possible if all 5 shows existed in the same universe/planet, the whole idealism is simply a fan theory and completely non-canon. Craig McCracken, creator of Foster's Home, confirmed that neither he, nor any of the other show runners liked the "shared universe" idea and the only reason for CN Invaded happening was because the network told them to do it. [1]