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Carny Crazy is the 10a episode of season 2.


When the Charles Darwin Middle School carnival arrives, Adam becomes obsessed with winning a cheap Princess Ballerina Snow Globe for his collection. He tries to win them by throwing balls at dung beetles, but he misses every time.


-Carny Crazy: Continuity error: On Adam's first attempt to win the snowglobe of his dreams, he throws one of three dung balls directly in front of him, but misses. The scene cuts away for a split second, but the two remaining dung balls are nowhere to be seen. Another brief cut, and the two remaining dung balls have re-appeared (supposition: artists may have been confused by the three "fixed" dung balls on the game counter in the background just to Adam's right).

  • Apparently, Jake and Windsor can speak Japanese, but are unaware of it. This is noticed in "Carny Crazy" after Jake and Adam meet up with Windsor and Slips.
  • Grandma Lyon (only her arms and some of her clothing) can be seen in Carny Crazy.


  • This is the second appearance of the pocket clam. The first was in Clam-mercial.
  • The guy in the Bug Bomb Booth is the same guy as the prize guy in "Supplies Party."


  • Jake: So, do you still think the carnival is for little kids and babies?

Adam: No. Now, I think it's for crazy people.

  • Adam: I guess it's okay, as long it's just my closest friends.

Henry: Gotcha, Buddy. come on up, Fellas! (The Spiffies follow Henry, followed by the Pride Posse, by Bull, by Latanya, Joanie, and Margaret.)

  • Coach Gills: (while trying to sell herself at the carnival) Yoo-hoo! Who wants to buy me up and take me home? Hello! Phinnius: Uh... maybe I do have enough prizes.
  • Adam: (angrily) I can't believe I can't knock down those stupid beetles!

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