Cafeteria Duty
Season Shorts, Episode 2
Cafeteria Duty
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Cafeteria Duty is the second episode in a series of My Gym Partner's a Monkey shorts.


Adam and Jake have to work with Mrs. Tusk in the kitchen.


Jake lights a stick of dynamite, thinking it was a candle, earning him and unjustly, Adam the punishment of working as Mrs. Tusk's assistant cafeteria ladies. They serve lunch and are mocked by Phineas and Bull. Adam gets fed up with it and takes off his hairnet. Mrs. Tusk freaks out, telling him the consequences of him getting his hair in the food. Adam argues back, saying Jake is covered in fur and doesn't need a hair net. Later, while they're washing the dishes, Jake is forced to shove his entire body in one hairnet, making it a hassle for him to walk.


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