Season Shorts, Episode 6
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Bullroar is the sixth episode in a series of My Gym Partner's a Monkey shorts.


Bull and Henry get into an argument over who's the best grandson.


Bull and Henry both show up at school, wearing shirts that read "#1 Grandson", out of respect for their beloved grandmothers. A fight instantly breaks out between the two, over who is more deserving of the shirt. They both mention the nice things they do for their grandmothers, bringing up really embarrassing and disgusting things they gladly do for them. Henry eventually wins the argument, and he rips of Bull's shirt, revealing a "#2 Grandson" shirt underneath. Bull cries in shame, but Jake comforts him, by telling him that #2 is better than #3. Cut to Adam, wearing a "#3 Grandson" shirt, feeling offended by his claim.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • The title is a possible reference to the ancient musical instrument, known as the "Bull Roarer".

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