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Bug Stew is the fourth song in the Animal School Musical.

Lyrics Edit

Principal Pixiefrog: Bug stew

Today's hot lunch is bug stew

And don't you know that it is made with lots of different bugs

and maybe one or two slugs

Adam, Windsor and Slips: Bug stew

Can't wait to try the bug stew

It sounds too good to be true

Jake: (off-key) Can't wait to try the...wait, what's it called?

Adam: Bug stew

Principal Pixiefrog: Will cost you three ninety-two

And that includes a yummy side dish or small beverage of choice

Such a deal you're bound to rejoice

Bugs: Bug stew

We make it special, it's true

A bugalicious fondue

They make to serve us to you



Principal Pixiefrog: Bug stew

It's fun to swallow that goo

And don't you know that it is fiber rich for digestive woes?

You won't believe how it goes

Adam, Windsor and Slips: Right through

It's gonna keep you on two

Like corn that shows in your...

Jake: Smile! What? Are you saying I can't rhyme? Cause I can? Humph!

Adam: OK. Hit it!

Adam, Windsor and Slips: Doo doo

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

See, Jake, we're waiting for you

to tell us what rhymes with "doo".

Jake: Sausage? Freemason? Kugelschreiber?

All: Bug stew

He should've ordered bug stew

And here's a message for you

Principal Pixiefrog: Today's hot lunch is bug stew!

Jazz hands! Jazz hands! That is all.

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