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Punky lions4

Adam being attacked by the lion gang.

Jake farts

Jake prepares to fart in Adams face

Bubble or Nothing is the episode 12a.


The episode starts with Adam being attacked by wild lions in the school. While running from them, he comes across Jake swimming in a lake, and Adam tell him that he's sick of the school. In an attempt to get moved back to his old school, he tells the nurse he is allergic to all kinds of animals, and needles. But Principal Pixiefrog sees right through Adam's trick, and insists on putting Adam in a bubble. Jake soon notices Adam's bubble, and everyone soon gets one, except for Jake, who gets run over by elephants in a bubble fighting over donuts. Soon, Jake tells Adam that he has but one final request - a bubble, because if he doesn't get one, he'll die - of embarrassment. So Adam, once again, goes to Nurse Gazelle and asks for another bubble. But she tells them they're out of them, and after hearing that Jake will die - of embarrassment, she hatches up an idea and put Jake in Adam's bubble. While stuck in the bubble, Jake and Adam attempt to get to their classes, but realize it is impossible. So they both agree to stay put, but later that night, they are still at the school, until they fall asleep and start snoring, loudly. The next day, Jake tries to drive Adam out by burping in his face. When Adam defiantly tells Jake burping won't work, Jake tries farting to stink up the bubble. Adam still refuses, until they realize that Adam may be allergic to Jake. So, once again , they go to Nurse Gazelle and Adam tells her the truth about not being allergic to the animals, but being allergic to Jake, or bubbles. So, Principal Pixiefrog, afraid of being sued, puts Adam back in the class of animals also allergic to bubbles. Then they start chasing Adam and he ends up in a lake to see Jake still in the bubbles. The episode ends.

cultural referencesEdit

Some plot of this episode is similar to The Simpsons' "Little Girl in the Big Ten", where Bart is infected with the "panda virus" and is placed in a plastic bubble to prevent others from infection.


A running gag in this episode is that everyone wants a bubble.

When Adam and Jake were sleeping in the bubble, they fell asleep at the school. Shouldn't their parents picked them up by now?


This is the first time Adam attempts to leave school and return to his old school.

The Penguin's Bubble is like a Snow Globe.

After the bubble fad, came the canoe fad.

The nurse is a gazelle, as previously hinted. It seems that she is the only nurse in the school according to other episodes showing her.

The school has a waterfall at the end of the hallway.


Adam: (referring to the bubble) You've gotta help me get out of this thing. Jake: Get out? Are you crazy? Finally, you've got something that makes you stand out of the crowd at this school. Adam: Uh, what about being the only human. Jake: I meant stand out in a positive way.

Jake: Hey everyone, check out Adam's sweet new bubble! (Animals come to watch) Animals: Oooooooh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Latanya: My bubble is big enough for me and all of my friends and my box of doughnuts. Joanie: Ooh! I want one. Latanya: Back off Joanie! They're mine. Joanie:Gimme it. Latanya: No! Joanie: I want a doughnut. Latanya: If You touch them, (in threatening voice) I WILL SQUASH YOU! Joanie: Touch. Latanya:That's it. (threatening voice) YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!

Coach Gills: I've been in a bubble my whole life. Before it was cool.

Jake: How you feeling now, sport? Adam: Jake, I'm in a giant bubble! J ake: Wow, don't you just love this place? Adam: No!

Henry: (to Adam and Jake inside the bubble) I hate to burst y'all's bubble, but it's all canoes now.

Adam: I'm sick of being lunch!

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