Bobby Lion
Bobby Lion


Bobby Lion

Bobby Lion is a student at Marlin Perkins Wild High School. He's the guy who wears the school mascot costume, which is a human being, that looks strikingly similar to Adam. He appeared in "Ingrid Through the Out Door".


In "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Ingrid Giraffe met the older siblings of her friends at Marlin Perkins Wild High School. She also met another human student by the name "Bobby Lyon", who was assumed to be the older brother of Adam. Ingrid quickly fell for Bobby, since he was much older and stronger than the wimpy loser at her old school. When she asked him out, Bobby revealed that he was actually a vicious lion with the actual last name "Lion," who was dressed as a human being, because it was the school mascot. This set things back to normal, proving Adam really didn't have an older brother. Bobby had a hunger for Ingrid, and he tried attacking her, making her scream and run away, back to Charles Darwin Middle School.


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