Bathroom Break
Season Shorts, Episode 3
Bathroom Break
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Bathroom Break is the third episode is a series of My Gym Partner's a Monkey shorts.


Adam makes a beeline for the bathroom.


Adam is in desperate need to pee, during class, but Mr. Hornbill refuses to excuse him. He then teaches the class in drawn out detail how water builds up behind a dam before it breaks, while Jake drinks water and sloshes it around, spits it out, etc. making it all the more painful for Adam. When class lets out, Adam rushes to then bathroom, but it's out of order. He then goes to a tree, but Principal Pixiefrog finds him and lashes out at him for what he's about to do. Adam then finds another bathroom and sees one vacant toilet. However, there's apparently a snail, waiting in line to go. Naturally, he takes a long time, leaving Adam in sheer pain.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


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