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The episode 2-b of season 2.


When Jake pours chum from a bucket onto Principal Pixiefrog, he sends Adam and Jake to Saturday detention with three dingos. They climb a tree in the detention room and Jake takes Adam to the A.V. room, where his secret low-tier public access cable show Basic Jake is filmed. Jake and Adam try to entertain the audience although Jake starts to act really insane.


  • Jake said, "I know a guy." He used that same explanation in My Science Project after Jake acquired the robot arm.
  • Jake can carry Adam on his tail.
  • Credits: Principal Pixiefrog has a chum bucket on his head and he whistles.
  • Jake's secret low-tier public access cable show, Basic Jake, is filmed in the old AV room.


  • Running Gag: Whenever someone says something like the dingos and someone else saying "What?" after a long pause.
  • We learn that Adam is good at balancing plates.
  • Principal Pixiefrog's first name is Poncherrello.
  • A preview for this episode was shown with a red backround.
  • As previously hinted, Most of the students at Charles Darwin Middle School live at the zoo.


  • Adam: Well try this on for size, I take my monkey everywhere!

(Dispersed) But he keeps finding his way back.

  • Jake(to horse): you stupid horse got out of the stage you make a me sick!(hores make sad and leave Jake alone)

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