B.A.A.A. Activists
B.A.A.A. Activists

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The B.A.A.A. Activists are supporters of an animal rights movement, known as B.A.A.A. (Because All Animals Are Amazing). They appeared in "Inoculation Day".


In "Inoculation Day", three members of B.A.A.A. started protesting outside of Charles Darwin Middle School, having heard of Principal Pixiefrog, Ingrid, and Adam (who was in the form of a monkey at the time), being abused by staff members of the school. They rioted around the school yard, until Adam was turned back into a human. They first worried about his well-being, before realizing that he was a human, which they were indifferent about caring for. They then left for some hamburgers.


  • B.A.A.A. is a parody on P.E.T.A.

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