Animal Testing
Season 1, Episode 2
Animal Testing
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Animal Testing is the second episode of the first season.


Adam passes a test with flying colors and gets put into a class full of dorks, known as "The Spiffies".


A placement test score puts Adam with the spiffles. Adam hates the class at first, but begins to like it after he correctly spells a word. Adam is used to being smarter than he actually is, and the gangs' only hope seems to be a spelling bee... Which if won by the gang will restore the old Adam.



Adam: Okay Jake, spell "sulfuric".
Jake: ... D, E, R, F.

(Adam gets moved up to the advanced class)
Mr. Blowhole: Please welcome out newest overachiever, Adam Lyon.

Adam: Do you guys have any ideas how to get me out of Spiffy class?
(Adam's friends sit in silence and a "Duuuuh" voice is heard in the background)
Adam: That's a great idea! I'll just act like you guys ... Uh, I ... I mean ... I'll put on a "dumb act".

Phineas: It's no wonder your name is Adam, get it? A ... dumb, get it? You should change your last name to ignoramus. "A dumb ignoramus".
(Spiffies laugh)
Marvin: He's so dumb, his name should be Adstupid. (laughs obnoxiously)
(No one laughs and they just stare at him)
Marvin: Or not.
(Spiffies laugh)

Windsor: Looks like we've lost Adam to the dork side.

Mr. Blowhole: The next word is for Team Sloth. The word is "doughnut".
Sloth: Psssh. "Donut"? Is that the Ye Olde English version orrrrr, the more modern?
Mr. Blowhole: Ye Olde English please.
Sloth: Oooooh, odsbodikins. That is longer. Um ... let's see ... D, ... O, ... (falls asleep)
(buzzer goes off)
Sloth: (wakes up) Uh, N, ...
Mr. Blowhole: I'm sorry, you are over the time limit.

Mr. Blowhole: Mr. Spidermonkey, step up to the microphone and spell "ludicrous".
Jake: Lou Christie?
Mr. Blowhole: "Ludicrous".
Jake: Loofer crust?
Mr. Blowhole: (irritated) The word is "ludicrous".
Jake: Origin and meaning, please?
Mr. Blowhole: "Ludicrous", from the Latin, "Ludus", amusing or laughable, through obvious absurdity.
Jake: Uuuuusage please.
Mr. Blowhole: (annoyed) Lucia's loud, lavender luggage looked ludicrous. Once again, the word is "ludicrous".
Jake: HA HA! It sure is.
Mr. Blowhole: (enraged) SPELL IT!!!
(Jake bounces in the air and swings around on vines)
Jake: Whooo! Ludicrous! L, U, D, I, C, R, O, U, S! Ludicrous!

Mr. Blowhole: Up next from team Spiffy (ahem) I mean, the advanced class team ...

Spiffies: One of us. (snort) One of us. (snort)


  • First appearance of Phineas and "The Spiffies".
  • Jake proves to be a spot-on speller, but only while he's swinging.
  • Prisons and Lizards is a parody on Dungeons and Dragons.
  • A running gag involves characters mispelling words as "D.E.R.F."
  • Windsor says they lost Adam to the "dork side". This is a reference to Star Wars, where a plot device was "joining the dark side".
  • Jake misinterperets the word "Ludicrous" as "Lou Christie". Lou Christie is the name of a popular real-life singer from the 60's.
  • Mr. Blowhole's given definition of "ludicrous" seems to be taken directly from the Merriam-Wesbter Dictionary.
  • Billboard Gag: Spelling Bee Today. It Not Bee Tomorrow.
  • Ending Credits Gag: Sloth trying to spell "cat."


  • When Lupe explained who The Spiffies were, her eyelashes were gone.
  • When Adam walked up to the microphone, the pupils of Aloysius Elephant were gone.
  • In the credits, the last names of Marvin Hammy and Daniel Calimari are "Hammish" and "Tentacles", respectively. In all subsequent episodes, the last names are what we know them as now.

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