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Animal Testing is the 1b episode of the first season.


A placement test score puts Adam with the spiffles. Adam hates the class at first, but begins to like it after he correctly spells a word. Adam is used to being smarter than he actually is, and the gangs' only hope seems to be a spelling bee... Which if won by the gang will restore the old Adam.


School Sign Gag: Biped Tryouts in Quad.

If Adam did not want to be in the Spiffies class (Advanced class), why didn't he resign in the first place?

Credits: Sloth trying to spell "cat."

Running Gags: 1. One of the characters spelling derf if they try. 2. Adam and Jake contending in the spelling, but keep getting the words correct.

It seems that Jake is an excellent speller when distracted by vine-swinging.

Phinneaus has never been wrong about anything.

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