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The Animal School Musical song is the third song in the Animal School Musical.

Lyrics Edit

Singers: Animal School, Animal School, Animal School... Musical!

Ingrid: I'm spunky

Lupe: I'm funky

Jake: I'm Jake! ... What?

Bull: I'm the shark

Windsor: And I'm the nerd

Slips: And I'm the loser flunky

All: We're just a bunch of animals who shouldn't get along

Bull: But look at how we love each other when we sing this song

All: Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin Middle School!

Adam: It's awesome-tacular! It's Charles Darwin Middle School!

Ingrid, Adam and Lupe: Charles Darwin!

Slips, Windsor and Bull: Charles Darwin Middle School!

All: Animal School Musical!

Jake: (off-key) Animal School Musical!

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