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Animal School Musical is the special episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

Plot Edit

To help Adam Lyon and friends experience living in a musical, Jake wished on the magic wish, and has made the first ever Animal School Musical is Charles Darwin Middle School. But they need to get out, so the only way out is to give Jake some musical talent.

Character Edit

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is a parody of the High School Musical movies

Quotes Edit

  • David Coppertrout: Nobody loves this musical more than I do.
  • Adam Lyon: Um, I do!
  • David Coppertrout: Ah?
  • (He, then, uses both his fins to pull off Adam's pants.)
  • (He tugs on them, and Adam's pants tear off.)
  • (This reveals Adam to be wearing a special pair of tighty-whitey underpants.)
  • (These underpants have red musical notes of them on the front of them and the back of them.)
  • (But on the back, there is a picture of Jake on them.)
  • (As for the waistband, it is blue with the program's title on it big yellow capitol letters.)
  • (David Coppertrout points right at them.)
  • (And, a spotlight even comes down on Adam's special underpants.)
  • David Coppertrout: Hee, hee, hee!
  • (Adam looks at the hom,e audience with a surprised look on his face.)
  • (Then, David Coppertrout runs off the stage.)
  • (Jake, now, appears in front of Adam, also, recognizing his "special underwear".)
  • Jake: "Animal School Musical" underwear?!?
  • Adam: Yep! I'm a big fan of it now! In fact, I did my performance all about...
  • (He, then, reaches for his shirt.)
  • Adam: I don't fit in around here?
  • (Then, he whips off his shirt, revealing his bare chest underneath.)
  • (He smiles happily, due to the fact that he is now completely in his underpants.)

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