An Inconvenient Goof
Season 3, Episode 21
An Inconvenient Goof
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An Inconvenient Goof is the twenty first episode of season three.


Miss Chameleon tells a story to her students in her acting course about the hottest day of the year at Charles Darwin Middle School.


In CDMS Auditorium, Wylie, Eddie, Joanie, Latanya, and Margaret perform a medieval play extremely slow and exhausted in Miss Chameleon's class. In accordance to Wylie, he claims that the school's temperature is hot.

In the backstage office, Mrs. Warthog spoke to Principal Pixiefrog about the hottest day everyone had at the school. Hoping nobody find out that it was Pixiefrog's fault of not turning the Air Conditioner on to keep the Arctic Winds cold. That is because he had a habit of being cheap. The two of them didn't realized the microphone was on when the story slipped out of their mouths. The entire students were infuriated by their faulty antics now as the episode ends.



  • The title is a pun on "An Inconvenient Truth".
  • First flashback episode.
  • Second time since "Cool Kids", Adam and Jake went to the Arctic side of school.
  • It's revealed the Narwhal's name is "Marco".
  • The entire flashback episode was confidentially caused by Principal Pixiefrog. Due to an inconsiderate habit of being cheap, he neglected to turn the Air Conditioner on to keep CDMS's Arctic Winds from melting. Causing a vast flood in the school as results of lawsuit.