Amazon Kevin
Season 1, Episode 11
Amazon Kevin
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Amazon Kevin is the eleventh episode of the first season.


Adam writes a fan letter to Amazon Kevin.


Chaos spreads when Adam sends a letter to the star of television's Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Takedown to go to an assembly at the school. Now Adam has to beat up Amazon Kevin for the students including Jake.



Lupe: It's happened! We've all died and gone to the bad place!

Adam: Oh, man! This is killer, huh?
Adam's Friends: WHAT!?
(Adam's friends stare at him in anger)
Adam: I ... take it you guys don't think Amazon Kevin's cool?
Windsor: How very perceptive. Have you also noticed that we have fur and scales and fins and such?

Wally: I don't care if it is show business, I QUIT!

Amazon Kevin: Now, I wanna give a shout out to the little Amazon Kevin fan, who sent me this daring, heart felt letter, that brought me here today. (takes out reading spectacles) Ah, much better. (reads letter) Dear, Amazon Kevin, I am your biggest fan in the whole wide world. Please come to my school. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please! You rule so hard. So very hard. I hope to grow up to be just like you, your loyal pal and eternal friend, Adam Lyon.

Jake: Now, now, hold on. It could be another Adam Lyon.
(Amazon Kevin shows a slide projection of Adam Lyon, holding a giant sign that says "I LOVE AMAZON KEVIN")
Amazon Kevin: This is the guy I'm talkin' about.

(Jake takes out an ax and attempts to break down the door)
Jake: Hey, Amazon Kevin! I've got something I gotta ax you!

Windsor: You've derived countless hours of entertainment from his evil show, while our kind has suffered in silence.
Adam: Look, I'm a victim of educational television. I realize that now. I apologize, but you guys didn't like Amazon Kevin pummeling your kind, so is it right for you guys to pummel Amazon Kevin?
Jake: You know, the traitor's got a point. We shouldn't beat up Amazon Kevin. HE SHOULD!

Adam: I can't beat up Amazon Kevin! He'll rip he to pieces.
Jake: Oh, I see. (gets teary eyed) In-tact limbs are more important than your friends.

Amazon Kevin: Amazon Kevin's going to Amazon Heaven.

Adam: I just hope this means you guys'll forgive me for ever inviting him here.
Jake: Forgive you? We worship you.


  • Principal Pixiefrog says he doesn't own a TV. However, in "Leaf of Absence", he was watching TV at his home. He must have bought this after the events of this episode.
  • Amazon Kevin and his show are a parody on Australian nature expert, Steve Irwin, and his wildlife documentary show, The Crocodile Hunter.
    • After Steve Irwin's death, on September 4th, 2006, this episode was banned in Australia.
  • When the animals are chasing Kevin, the music "Night on Bald Mountain" plays.
  • Adam's house is seen for the fist time.
  • Lupe exclaims that everyone in the school has "Died and gone to the bad place", which is a kid-friendly reference to Hell.
  • Billboard Gag: Nocturnal club meeting at noon.

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