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Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Take-Down
Amazon Kevin is the episode 6a of season 1.


Chaos spreads when Adam sends a letter to the star of television's Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Takedown to go to an assembly at the school. Now Adam has to beat up Amazon Kevin for the students including Jake.


  • In Amazon Kevin, when Principal Pixiefrog is making the announcement about the assembly, he says he doesn't own a TV. Yet, in Leaf Of Absence, we see Principal Pixiefrog watching a TV. Note: Leaf of Absence takes place after Amazon Kevin, so Principal Pixiefrog probably did get a TV sometime after this episode and before Leaf of Absence.
  • Endugu the Elephant sounds the same as Hermes from Futurama, probably due to the fact that they're voiced by the same voice actor, Phil LaMarr.
  • After Steve Irwin's death (we miss you) Amazon Kevin got banned in Australlia.
  • Kevin's Chauffer's voice is almost the same as Helga's Dad in 'Hey Arnold!'
  • When the animals are chasing Kevin, a slight music of Night on Bald Mountain plays.
  • The running gag in "Amazon Kevin" is that the animals keep getting mad at Adam when Amazon Kevin says something.
  • We learn that Coach Gills acts strangely when a celebrity is present.
  • For the first time, Adam's home is seen. (just the inside)
  • Two years ago, Adam wrote a letter to Amazon Kevin.
  • Because of Amazon Kevin, Adam eats meat flavored cereal.
  • How did Amazon Kevin get a picture of Adam looking like twelve years old? He sent the letter two years ago.


  • Kevin: All right, who wants a piece of this?! (rips his chest hair, and high pitched screaming is heard in the background as his ugly, rotten tattoo is shown.)
  • Adam: I...take it You guys don't think Amazon Kevin's cool?

Windsor: How very perceptive. Have you also noticed that we have fur, scales, fins and such? (Adam nervously laughs)

  • Kevin: Now who wants to see me wrestle a crocodile? (Alligator gasps, swoons and faints)
  • Slips:Oh, Man! that dude makes boots out of guys like Me!

Lupe: It's happened! We've all died and gone to the bad place! (Coach Gills screams and jumps off-screen.) Pixiefrog: Mrs. Warthog, better call in a sub for gym class. Coach Gills has had another one of her celebrity episodes. Adam: Oh, man! This is killer, huh?! Audience: What?! (growling)

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