"That's professional"
— Alistair White Tiger
Alistair White Tiger


Alistair White Tiger


Central Indian White Tiger

Alistair White Tiger was a former student of Charles Darwin Middle School, before moving to Greenland, making foreign exchange student, Henry Armadillo take his place. He appeared in "Oh Henry".


Alistair was not only CDMS's most popular student, but also the star attraction at the Zoo Aquarium. As a result, he became very pompous. Many of the students and even school staff disliked having to be around him so much, as he was so conceited that his arrogance was literally nauseating also because he even made Miss. Tusk and Bull throw up. According to Principal Pixiefrog, when they finally got a chance to ship him off to Greenland, they institutionalized an "Orange-Only" policy (Meaning they will only take orange tiger students) and managed to get Henry to fill Alistair's place so he wouldn't come back.


  • According to Lupe, Alistair's locker used to be the one next to Bull's.
  • He is friends with Oksana.