Ain't Too Proud to Egg
Season 2, Episode 13
Aint Too Proud To Egg
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Ain't Too Proud to Egg is the thirteenth episode of season two.


The kids are assigned the classic "egg project".


Adam, Jake, and other students receive eggs (as a cheap way to earn money for the school) that they have to take care of from Mr. Hornbill. Every student is taking this seriously, except Adam. When the eggs hatch, he finds it difficult to be a mother, however Jake can handle this.


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(Mr. Hornbill holds up an egg)
Mr. Hornbill: Alright, class. Can anyone tell me what this is?
Jake: An egg?
Lacey: Lunch?
Slips: A constant reminder of why to stay in school?

(Mr. Hornbill pairs up team partners)
Mr. Hornbill: Adam, by default, you are with Jake.
Adam: You've gotta be kidding.
Jake: Dibs on mom!

Adam: Oh, great. I guess this means, once again, I'll be stuck with all the work.
Jake: Oh, sure, prejudge me. Just because I'm not what you'd call "responsible", or "accountable", or "dependable", or "reliable", or "dedicated", or "punctual", or "mature", or "sophisticated", or good "at" stuff, or ... what was I talking about again? Oh, well, see you at lunch.
Adam: Uh, Jake? What'd you do with the egg?
Jake: How am I supposed to know? You see, Adam, I'm not what you'd call "responsible", or "accountable", or ...

(Slips is warming his egg under the lunchroom's heat lamp)
Adam: Slips, what are you doing?
Slips: Oh, hey Adam. Just keeping this little bundle of joy warm, man. You gotta improvise when you don't got that natural desert sun, dude.
Adam: Oh ... I guess that makes sense.
Lupe: ¡Oye! Let her breathe! We don't want our Zahara to come out all hard boiled!
Adam: Zahara?
Slips: Well, excuse me for trying to keep her warm. You got any better ideas?
Lupe: How 'bout a nest, yo?
Slips: Oh, yeah. A bunch of twigs and leaves, that should keep her real warm. What are you, a wizard? A genius?
Jake: (to Adam) Lover's quarrel.

Windsor: My child will not be some marsupial wannabe. Junior will learn to stay on your back and that's final! ... Oh, no. I've become my father.

(Adam and Jake's egg hatches and they have a real baby to care for)
Jake: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! There is so much to do! We haven't painted the nursery, or started her college fund, or baby proofed the outlets. We don't want your wittle beak to get a wittle boo boo, now do we?
Adam: Wittle boo boo? Uh, what happened to not being "responsible", or "dependable" ...
Jake: Well then, you'll just have to start being responsible.

(Lupe and Slips admire their new baby bird)
Lupe: Does she look more like me or you?
Slips: Well, she does have your eyes, ... and your wings, ... and your beak ...

Mr. Hornbill: This assignment was just a way for the school to make a little extra money off of cheap student labor.
(Principal Pixiefrog hops in and swipes the money)
Principal Pixiefrog: Thank you.

(The group looks through old baby pictures of their babies)
Adam: Hey guys, what are you up to?
Jake: Oh, us empty nesters were just reminiscing about our kids?


  • This episode's title is a pun on the song by The Temptations, "Ain't too Proud to Beg".
  • Names of background characters are revealed. The badger girl is named "Lacey" and the turtle is named "Shelley".
  • The running gag in this episode is Jake, going off on a tangent, saying that he's "Not what most people would call 'responsible', or 'dependable', or 'reliable', etc."
  • Slips uses the lunch light to keep his egg warm, saying that he needs it to substitute for the lack of desert sun, implying that he must be a desert python.
  • Windsor tries to make his child cling onto Ingrid's back, which is what real baby gorillas actually do.
  • Windsor implies that he is familiar with his father. In "Mandrill of the House", he was proven to have a single mother, meaning that his parents are divorced and he has allotted time slots for visiting them.
  • Adam and Jake's bird is named Apple, Windsor and Ingrid's bird is named Windsor Jr., Lupe and Slips' bird is named Zahara.
  • Billboard Gag: Do not feed the faculty.