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Ain't Too Proud to Egg is the 7a episode of season 2.


Adam, Jake, and other students receive eggs (as a cheap way to earn money for the school) that they have to take care of from Mr. Hornbill. Every student is taking this seriously, except Adam. When the eggs hatch, he finds it difficult to be a mother, however Jake can handle this.


  • Adam said that he saw a similar responsibility assignment on TV where a flour sack was used. This was a reference to the Danny Phantom episode Life Lessons.
  • Running Gag: 1.) Jake and Adam say words that don't describe Jake, such as "responsible", "dependable", "accountable", etc.
  • Shelley is the turtle's name.
  • The Girl Badger is named Lacey.
  • Jake names his bird, Little Apple.


  • Little Apple: (at Adam) Going to the zoo! Going to the zoo, sucker.
  • Jake: Dibs on mom!

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