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Adam Lyon
Adam Lyon

Voiced by

Nika Futterman (My Gym Partner's a Monkey (TV Show))





First Appearance

Inoculation Day




Jake Spidermonkey, Ingrid Giraffe, Loopy, Windsor Gorilla, Slips Python


Bull Sharkowski, and many Villains


Kerry Anderson


July 18, 1999

Adam M. Lyon is the Main Protagonist, a 12-year old human and the young boy who was transferred from Chester Arthur Middle School to Charles Darwin Middle School by an accidental misspelling of his last name. He is the main protagonist the show.  Adam was paired up with Jake Spidermonkey in gym class, and the two became best friends. Jake's plans have him getting involved in situations that get Adam in trouble. Adam, being physically weak, is often preyed upon by the carnivorous students, especially Bull Sharkowski


Adam's personality is downtrodden, due to being the only human in an animal school. He also has a reputation of complaining about his daily experiences. Adam can be selfish or strongwilled at times. Towards the middle of the series, Adam seems to be on the borderline of sanity. Throughout the series, he has shown an interest in clowns. For instance, his favorite super hero is Captain Clowny, he eagerly hopes to attend a clown-based summer day-camp, and his college of choice is Clown College, as seen on his resume in the episode My Feral Lyon.


Adam has ginger colored hair. He has freckles, 3 on his left cheek and one on his right cheek. Adam's outfit consists of an amber colored T shirt, dark green shorts, maroon colored sneakers with gold stripes and a taupe colored backpack. He usually wears "Captain Clowny" underpants (underpants with a clown face of the rear end of them, which includes an actual red clown nose to honk) which are revealed in several episodes, but most times they are just plain tighty-whities. However, in Docu-Trauma, his underwear is revealed to be blue plaid boxer shorts. And, in the special episode, "Animal School Musical", his underpants were revealed to be special "Animal School Musical" underwear.


  • Jake: Adam is a close friend of Jake, although he has shown that he disapproves of Jake's antics and low intelligence. 
  • Slips:
  • Windsor:
  • Lupe
  • Ingrid: Ingrid has a crush on Adam, although Adam is mostly unaware of it. 
  • Principal Pixiefrog:
  • Mrs. Warthog:
  • Mandrill:
  • Virgil: Adam is frequently bullied by Bull, the school's worst bully.
  • Kerry Anderson: Adam has a crush on Kerry, a human girl who is friends with Adam, but his attempts to hang out with her usually end up embarrassing him. 


  • Adam is voiced by Nika Futterman, a female actress who has made appearances on multiple other Cartoon Network shows.
    • Interestingly, other characters have indirectly broken the fourth wall to how he could work as a cartoon show, and how feminine his voice and scream are (a reference to his voice actor).  

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