A running gag in the series is for Adam's Underwear to be exposed.


Inoculation DayEdit

When Adam fully transformed into a monkey, he threw his underpants in Jake's face.

Lyon of ScrimmageEdit

When Jake came out of Adam's clothes, he took the clothes with him, revealing his underwear.

Me Adam, You JakeEdit

Adam proves how good his body looks, by stripping himself down to his underwear.


Basic JakeEdit

The Two JakesEdit

Adam clone, A Unit outgrew it's clothes, sans his underwear for the sake of censorship.



Adam sold his clothes to The Cuddlemuffins, aside from his underwear.

Gorilla My DreamsEdit

The Hyena and the MightyEdit

My Feral LyonEdit

Adam gave his clothes to the feral cats.

Glazed and ConfusedEdit

Hygiene HijinksEdit

Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?Edit

Adam's scrapbook included a picture of himself and Jake swapping clothes. Since Jake didn't wear pants, Adam was in his underwear.

Animal School MusicalEdit

David Coppertrout revealed that Adam was now wearing Animal School Musical underwear.

A Whole Zoo WorldEdit

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