A Whole Zoo World
Season 4, Episode 23
A Whole Zoo World
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A Whole Zoo World is the twenty third episode of season four and the series finale.


Adam trains to be a professional zookeeper over his summer vacation, but he soon discovers that his friends resent those in his profession.


At long last, one year of Adam going to an all-animal school has come to a close (for a couple of months, at least). Now it seems as though everybody is ready for summer vacation, until fall starts back up again. In other words, Adam can finally hang out with humans again, as he's ready for anything! But not before Adam decides to go on one more adventure, to see if he can take everything he's learned at Charles Darwin Middle School, and apply it to a professional job setting. The time has come for Adam to embrace his potential destiny, of becoming a professional zookeeper! But the road isn't easy.

Even though the animals have it easy at the zoo, they still resent not having the freedom to go where ever they want whenever they want like humans can, and as it turns out, being a zookeeper is like being a prison guard; keeping animals locked up and badly treating them. For once, things are put into perspective as it shows how some humans can seem rightfully ugly and stupid in the animals’ eyes, as the average tourists don't respect the intelligence of animals. But Adam knows his challenge, and he plans to face it head-on!

Adam begins to leave his old, non-confidant, unsure self behind, replacing it with a bolder, more determined, more confidant self! Of course, it helps when the zoo animals turn out to be Adam’s true friends after all when they throw him a surprise party both for successfully doing his job as a professional zookeeper, and proving he has what it takes to be an honorary zoo animal. This causes Adam to learn that it doesn't matter what kind of education he has. As long as he stays focused and determined, he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to!



  • This is the series finale.
  • The title is a pun on the song "A Whole New World".
  • Adam Lyon finally becomes an honorary zoo animal in this episode.
  • Jake admits to not being able to recognize Adam, when he's not in any of his usual outfits. These being his mustard yellow shirt and cargo pants, his cheerleader uniform, his Captain Clowny underwear, and hid birthday suit with a fig leaf.
  • When Adam says he has low expectations for his future career, Jake guesses it means he's becoming a cartoonist, making a fourth wall joke about the creators of the show, itself.
  • Slips ordered a virgin julip with a "Mickey" in it. This being a mouse, obviously referencing to the famous Disney character, Mickey Mouse.
  • Jackie from "Cheer Pressure" makes a second appearance.
  • Adam gets compressed in a mold making machine and comes out, resembling the titular character Rodney from the other Cartoon Network TV show, Squirrel Boy.
  • Principal Pixiefrog says the zoo is undergoing "Nightmare Scenario #739", sparking shocked murmuring from his audience. If listened to very closely, Windsor is heard saying "Prezenkowski's in charge?" This is a satirical joke on Jeff Prezenkowski becoming the president of the Cartoon Network studios at the time of the episode's airing. Later in the episode, Adam is also heard, screaming "Prezenkowski" as he falls from the waterfall.
  • A video of Ingrid and Lupe's dance from the talent show in "Disregarding Henry" shows up on Adam's surveillance camera.
  • Lupe's on and off boyfriend, Corey Vulture makes a brief cameo in this episode.
  • Adam chases Jake through the water tunnels in a way that alludes to the classic "Scooby Doo Doors" from the Scooby Doo series.
  • When Adam hits the ground, Jake breaks the fourth wall once again, asking if he's alive and reminding him that he's in a kid show.
  • Ironically, seconds later, Lupe would be heard useing the term "shizzle" as a slang term for "sure", which is not what the word means, as it's actually gained an official definition, being a euphemism for something that wouldn't be mentioned in a kid show.
  • This episode has no ending credits gag. It's just normal credits with the instrumental of the Theme Song playing in the background.