A Very Special Boy
Season 4, Episode 18
A Very Special Boy
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A Very Special Boy is the eighteenth episode of season four.


Adam tries to get his "Special" status at school removed, which makes Adam regret his decision soon after.


  • Adam goes through serious character derailment in this episode as not only does he act more fearless and smug towards other larger students who could beat him to a pulp with little effort, but he also acts incredibly disrespectful and downright rude to students who haven't done have any beef with him, even to his own friends as well as school faculty.
  • The crocodile from Me Adam, You Jake gets a different look for A Very Special Boy only. He gets his regular look back in Lonely Lyon.
  • Running gags in this episode: Adam Lyon keeps acting like a jerk while he has his protected status.
  • Billboard gags:. Sloth Meeting Postponed. A Very Special Boy.
  • It's learned in this episode that Adam Lyon's natural defense mechanism is his ability to raise his voice to shriek in a really high, girlish voice.
  • End Credits: Principal Pixiefrog keeps saying the word "No."


  • Although Slips has moved his shirt sleeves as though he actually had arms and even made his tail look like a hand in the past, this is the first time he has actually sprouted hands and arms, in order to protect himself from hearing Adam Lyon's screaming.
  • It's revealed in this episode that the reason why Adam's friends don't act very bright more often is because one of their self-defense mechanisms for not getting hurt by more aggressive animals is by acting less intelligent then they really are.
    • In fact, it's revealed that Lupe's accent and seemingly naturally high voice are actually fake and she really has an American accent and an average Joe tone of voice (more akin to her voice actor's real voice) most others.

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