A Very Special Boy
Season 4, Episode 18
Adam Cornered by Bullies
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A Very Special Boy is the eighteenth episode of season four.


Adam tries to get his "Special" status at school removed, which makes Adam regret his decision soon after.





Jake: You are not invincible. I can see ya, plain as day.

Jake: Of course, nothing can hurt you. You've got protected student status.
Adam: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Jake?

Slips: Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.
Windsor: Hey, Moe, what did I do?

Pixiefrog: That is why we have the protected students list. You see, Mr. Lyon, the list is designed to level the playing field, so that all students can partake in a sub-par education, without the constant threat of bodily harm.
Adam: I'm the only one on the list, aren't I?
Pixiefrog: Oh, no. We give protected status to many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many students.
Adam: Oh?
Pixiefrog: Sure. You see, some kids lack basic survival skills, or they don't possess fur, or claws, or fangs, or wings, or gills, or poison glands, or barbed tails, or those little creepy feely things, or athletic ability. Or they have bright red, uh, fur, that could make them a target of predators. [Adam gets progressively more aware that Pixiefrog is talking about him, as he goes on] Or an over sized head or stubby limbs or a lack of pigment that practically makes their pasty skin glow in the dark. [Adam feels sad] Some of our protected students simply lack the basic fashion sense, that makes them think cargo shorts were ever in. [Adam gets progressively angrier] Or maybe they just walk funny or personify the phrase "Namby Pamby". Still, others have the ability to spit a lot, when they talk or sound very girly for a boy, especially when they're excited, and their voices go into a horrifically high-pitched, glass-shattering, death-metal screech, that sends shivers up the spines of-
Adam: [high-pitched, girly screech] ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I GET IT ALREADY!!!
Pixiefrog: Make it stop!
Adam: Remove the special, protected status, [screeching] OR I'LL SCREECH MY FURLESS, PASTY, NAMBY PAMPY, CARGO-PANTED, LUNGS OUT!!!

Pixiefrog: Attention. Adam Lyon is no longer on the protected students list. As such, he is fair game. I even tricked him into signing away the film and television rights to his life story, which I think is about to get pretty interesting.

Windsor: Gosh, we're sorry, Adam. I guess we just caved into peer-pressure.
Adam: That's okay. I'm used to you guys disappointing me.
Jake: Right back atchya, buddy.

[The animals explain to Adam, the ways they survive in school]
Windsor: Our imbecilic, goofball antics are actually a natural self-defense mechanism against humorless predators. Allow us to elucidate.
Jake: Now, I don't know if you've noticed, but on occasion, I make a big show of loving my own butt. [to his butt] Don't I, baby? Don't I? [to Adam] As a result of this, most predators, bullies, and even internet bloggers, are so sicked, that simply cannot see me as a potential food source.
Lupe: [in a normal, professional-sounding woman's voice] I-I lift my voice several octaves and put on an-an outrageous accent. Sometimes I yell. Most predators don't wanna devour an noisy meal, so they just move onto someone else.
Windsor: [in a stupid voice] I alter my real speaking voice, to project an aura of deep intelligence, which makes predators hate coming near me, lest I use some mental trickery to outwit, outsmart, and destroy them.
Ingrid: I'm very good with ... [takes out a swordfish] this!
[Ingrid throws the swordfish at Adam and he barely ducks it]
Ingrid: It works in a pinch.
Adam: Okay, uh, Slips, what about you?
Slips: Um, I'm a snake, dude. Even I'm creeped out my snakes.

[Slips hallucinates Adam as a turkey leg]
Slips: At this moment, even the cargo shorts aren't keeping me from wanting to eat you.

[Lupe addresses Adam's loud screeching]
Lupe: [in her usual, crass, raspy voice and accent] Totally! What an obnoxious, horrible sound!


  • The title is a pun on "A Very Special Episode" or "A Very Special Program".
  • Adam goes through serious character derailment in this episode as not only does he act more fearless and smug toward his enemies, but he also acts like a jerk to his own friends and innocent people he doesn't even know. He says that overtime, he's learned that he never gets hurt for what he does, which is an absolute lie. Apparently, "mild drubbings and comical bruses" don't count by his logic, which makes about as much sense as him saying that there's no animals at his school, aside from those you'd find in zoos.
  • It's revealed that Adam's friends alter their true personalities to be more annoying, intolerable, stupid, repulsive, etc. as defense mechanisms, to ward off enemies. For most of them, we're learning that major components of their character identities, were actually just acts put on, and they're nothing like the characters they've been developed to be like over the course of the past 4 seasons. However, they could have been lying.
    • Jake doesn't really care for his butt. He just constantly obsesses over it, to make himself so disgusting, that nobody would ever want to eat him. In actuality
    • Lupe's Spanish accent is fake, and she just talks in a loud, gravelly accent to annoy predators. Her real voice is the normal speaking voice of Grey DeLisle.
    • Windsor actually has a lisp, and flowers his vocabulary with "smart words", to give off a vibe of superior intelligence, so predators won't bother attacking him, assuming he'd just outwit them in battle.
    • Ingrid is one of the few characters to stay the same, with her defense mechanism being explained as throwing swordfish at people. Of course, this has never been seen before, and this kind of does contradict her character, as Ingrid is portrayed as a defenseless, emotionally frail coward, who lets everyone walk all over her.
    • Slips is probably arguably the only one, who's characters remains in-tact, as his defense mechanism is "being a snake", which is a gross animal that creeps out even himself.
    • At the end of the episode, Adam Lyon discovers a defense mechanism of his own, which is his loud, high-pitched screaming. This is annoying enough to torture his attacking predators, so they know to keep their distance.
  • Brandon Capybara runs a school president campaign in honor of a student named Pablo Donkey. The previous school election was in "Political Animals", and it was established that Bull Sharkowski had run unopposed for many years, due to his indimidating nature. Bradon Capybara and Harry Bat were his henchmen, through all of this. At the end of the episode Adam ran against him and won to make a statement, that every student had the right to run for president. Brandon and Harry would even turn on Bull and no longer work for him. This scene from the episode proves that Adam's movement stuck and it's politically liberating effect is still going on strong.
  • Mrs. Warthog has a disgusting, itchy, puss-filled, warthog rash on her back.
  • Principal Pixiefrog makes many references to Adam's "girly" voice, again making a fourth wall reference to his female voice actor.
  • Another fourth wall joke is made, saying that Adam unknowingly signed a contract with PF, giving him the rights to producing any TV show or film about his life story (My Gym Partner's a Monkey).
  • Shortly after, Adam makes yet another fourth wall joke, saying "I'm not really fat, I'm just drawn that way."
  • When Jake saves Adam from the angry mob, he and Adam are in a similar position to the one from the Theme Song, wherein Jake stops Adam in the middle of the song.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Brandon Capybara runs a school president campaign, where the motto is "Vote for Pablo". This is a reference to "Vote for Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite.
  • When Jake explains the "protected student status" to Adam, Adam replies, saying "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Jake?" This is a reference to Arnold Jackson's catchphrase, "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis" from Diff'rent Stokes.
  • Adam bonks Slips and Windsor's heads together and they quote "Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!" and "Hey, Moe, what did I do?", which are phrases often uttered by The Three Stooges.
  • Jake sings a parody of Shortnin' Bread, with the lyrics, "Mama's little baby loves human, human. Mama's little baby loves human stew."


  • The Nerdy Crocodile doesn't have his braces and his teeth are more sharp and pointed, as opposed to their usual rounded and bumpy pattern.
  • Apparently, Miss Loon the bird, was walking through the hallway.