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The series finale of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.


It's the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, and Adam Lyon's very excited for it, since Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. The animals at Charles Darwin Middle School don't care for Thanksgiving, and Adam doesn't get why the animals wouldn't love a holiday like Thanksgiving, and no one will explain to him why.

That night, Adam's visited by three---technically four---ghosts: Ingrid, the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past, Windsor and Slips are the Ghosts of Thanksgiving Present, and finally Jake, the Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come (Adam was also visited by the "ghost" of Principal Pixiefrog, who had told him that he'd be visited by three spirits). They all try to get Adam to hate Thanksgiving, but Adam ends up loving Thanksgiving even more and even his friends end up loving it. However, during Jake's turn to "haunt" Adam, they're at the grocery store and the last thing Adam has to buy is a turkey, but all the turkeys are gone. He then thinks that the reason animals hate Thanksgiving is because humans eat turkey (which would seem like the most obvious reason).

He then gets a tofu turkey from the local health food store, which he presents to his animal friends, but they're disgusted by it and explain that humans eating turkey on Thanksgiving is not the reason why animals hate the holiday. Adam's confused by that, and asks why they hate Thanksgiving. Jake explains that animals actually hate Thanksgiving because of the parades, and they all go to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast with Adam.


  • This episode is an obvious parody of A Christmas Carol.
  • A Whole Zoo World was the original series finale, but this episode aired four months later.
  • This is the only episode to be a Thanksgiving special.
  • This episode reveals that Adam and Kerry Anderson have known each other their entire lives, and that Adam's family spent their first Thanksgiving at Kerry's house.
  • Lupe Toucan, one of Adam's animal friends, does appear in this episode, but her appearance could be considered more of a cameo, since she doesn't have a major role in this episode.
    • She's also the only one of Adam's animal friends who doesn't appear as Thanksgiving ghost, although when Jake first came into Adam's room as the Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come, Jake claims that Lupe would've been terrible as the Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come

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