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A Mid Semester Life's Dream is the episode 4b of season 4.


Adam and his friends try to cure Miss Chameleon of her stage fright so that she can finally try out for an audition with her favorite idol. But in order to do that, they have to lift some of Miss Chameleon's other fears before she is ready to face and hopefully conquer her stage fright.


  • Billboard Gag: Stray in School.


  • Old Lady: I don't understand it. I ordered five mattresses! Not 52 mattresses. (Camera shows a lot of stacked up mattresses, delivery man looks at his clipboard) Delivery Man: Oh, you're right. My mistake! (Plane crashes harmlessly on top of all the mattresses)
  • Miss Chameleon: I think your tactics are working. I'm feeling less afraid. But why have you taken me here to a Frozen Yogurt shop? I have no fear of the frozen yogurt. Windsor: Fear can lurk in the most unexpected of places. For instance, the dreaded ice cream headache. Slips: Nobody knows if it's how fast you eat it or how much you eat! Miss Chaemeleon: Fiddlesticks! I'm not afraid of a little ice cream headache! (Gobbles down an entire cup of frozen yogurt) See? That wasn't so--(Gets frozen into an ice sculpture and breaks apart) Windsor: I think she's ready.

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